Currently ongoing projects

  1. The use of evolutionary patterns in the optimization of tuberculosis chemotherapy. (2019/34/E/NZ6/00221) Competition: SONATA BIS 9, Primary Investigator: Alina Minias, PhD
  2. Verification of the role of proteins – predicted repair factors involved in the repair of DNA breaks in mycobacteria. (2019/33/B/NZ1/02770) Competition: OPUS 17, Primary investigator Przemysław Płociński, PhD
  3. Mycobacterium tuberculosis factors affecting the frequency of tuberculosis transmission. (2019/35/B/NZ7/00942) Competition: OPUS 18, Primary Investigator: Professor Ewa Augustynowicz-Kopeć, participation: scientific consortium
  4. To make the old drug effective again – isoniazid/rifamycin conjugates and boron clusters – synthesis and antituberculous activity. (2020/39/B/NZ7/01995) Competition: OPUS 18, Primary Investigator: Professor Agnieszka Olejniczak, participation: scientific consortium