Research goals

The Institute of Medical Biology of the Polish Academy of Sciences conducts scientific research in biomedical sciences focusing on the explanation of basic molecular mechanisms of physiological and pathophysiological processes, as well as medical biotechnology. The Institute actively contributes to the development of these research fields, especially by developing innovative methods for basic and applied research.

Specific tasks of the Institute include:

  1. scientific research in the field of medical biology and biotechnology with a focus on genomics and proteomics
  2. research on relations between the organism and its environment
  3. research on relations on the pathogen-host interface on the molecular, cellular and organismal level

Institute’s research fields:

  1. medical biology
  2. pharmacology
  3. microbiology
  4. molecular virology
  5. molecular biology
  6. genetics and physiology of Mycobacterium
  7. immunology
  8. immunology of infections
  9. biological chemistry
  10. structure and function of DNA
  11. cellular structure of bacteria