Research projects

National research projects

2000-2002, „ Molecular mechanisms of human trinucleotide sequence instability associated with some human genetic diseases”. Grant no P04A 01617, principal investigator,

2004-2005, „Influence of the DNA Nucleotide Excision Repair (NER) System on Genetic Stability of Trinucleotide Repeated Sequences (CTG/CAG)n”. Grant no 2 P05A 00926, Ph.D. grant manager.

2004-2005, Determination of the frequency of homologous recombination between two (CTG)n tracts in the bacterial chromosome of E. coli and the influence of the DNA-NER repair system on this process”. Grant no 2 P05A 01927, Ph.D. grant manager.

2006-2008, „Development of a new method of epidemiological analysis of MAIC group mycobacteria and mycobacterium tuberculosis using TRS-PCR technology”. Grant no N404 073 31/3286, principal investigator.

2007-2008, „ Development of a molecular method for the diagnosis and differentiation of pathogenic Mycobacterium strains based on the TRS-PCR technique”. Grant no N404 002 32/0101, Ph.D. grant manager.

2007-2008 „ Development of a molecular method for the diagnosis and differentiation of uropathogenic Escherichia coli strains based on the multiplex-PCR and TRS-PCR techniques”. Projekt nr. N404 097 32/3354, Ph.D. grant manager.

2009-2012, „ Pre-validation of the molecular TRS-PCR method for genotyping Mycobacterium gordonae and Mycobacterium avium”, Grant no N401 162137, principal investigator.

International research projects

2001 – The Royal Society Joint Project Grant – „Influence of DNA supercoiling on the stability of triplet repeats”; Dr Richard Bowater – UK Project Leader, Dr Paweł Parniewski – Partner Project Leader

2001 – NATO Science Programme, Cooperative Science & Technology Sub-Programme Collaborative Linkage Grant, dr Paweł Parniewski – Project Coordinator from Partner country