The Institute of Medical Biology, together with 32 other European institutions operating within the structure of EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC consortium, participated in H2020-INFRADEV-2018- competition, and received a subsidy for the project EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE.

The project aims to support undertakings concerning the research infrastructure, also its best use at present and in the future, in which members of the EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC consortium are now involved. Funds provided to the entire project amount to approximately 5 million EUR. The project is launched for 4 years beginning from 1 February 2019.


Appeal for the creation of separate ministries of Science and Higher Education and National Education

The Polish Academy of Sciences, the General Council of Science and Higher Education and the Foundation for Polish Science appealed for the creation of two separate ministries: science and Higher…

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MINIATURA 7 Competition

As part of the Miniatura 7 competition, the National Science Center awarded funds to Dr. Joanna Pastwińska for the implementation of scientific activities entitled “The role of the interleukin IL17B…

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