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Research Topics

The main areas of our interest are the mechanisms of molecular viral infections in humans, including genetic variability of viruses, signal-transduction pathways, innate Immunity, antiviral immune response, and pathogenesis of viral infections. We study the virus-host interaction at the level of genes, transcripts and proteins.


We also concentrate on Herpesvirus infections, especially human cytomegalovirus. We have successfully determined the variability of cytomegalovirus genes encoding receptors, chemokines, and proteins forming envelope gCI - gCIII complexes. We have observed that some genomic variants are detected more frequently in congenital than in postnatal patients, and are associated with an increased risk of manifestations of cytomegalovirus infection. Polymorphisms in human TLR genes can be a genetic risk factor for the development of herpesvirus diseases.



herpesviruses, human papillomavirus, genetic variability, innate immunity, pattern recognition receptors, congenital and perinatal viral infections

Labs > Virology > Research Topics